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Tillson Law P.C.'s focus is on you and your family.  Often times meeting with an attorney is a difficult and strenuous time.  Our goal is to make the process as easy and comfortable as possible. 


With over 40 years of combined service, the staff at Tillson Law P.C. is here to answer your questions.   Our years of experience give us the skills necessary to answer your questions.   

Tillson Law P.C. is devoted to providing legal services for you and your family.  Whether it is planning for the future in the form of estate planning, helping you build a new business, or dealing with loss or incapacity of a loved one, Tillson Law P.C. focuses on providing you and your family with the legal expertise and advice to help you and your family plan for your future. 


With experience comes knowledge.  Tillson Law P.C. is well-versed in a variety of different areas of law and we remain committed to staying on top of changes in the legal field. 


Our clients remain our number one priority.  Tilllson Law P.C. will work with you to ensure that your legal needs are being met.  From home visits to after hours consultations, we will strive to meet your needs.

Providing family centered legal advice and solutions. 

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