From starting your business through negotiating contracts, Tillson Law P.C. has extensive experience to help your small business succeed.  Small business owners face difficult decisions from start-up, and having experienced legal counsel in their corner is critical to their success.  At Tillson Law P.C., we assist small business owners with the following:

  • Determining the proper entity – should you establish a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, etc.;
  • Preparing documents necessary to establish your business, such as articles of incorporation, bylaws, minutes, buy-sell agreements, articles of organization and operating agreements;

  • Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating commercial lease agreements, service agreements, employment contracts, and other business contracts;

  • Advising clients concerning ongoing business operations; and

  • Assisting clients with selling their business or transferring the business to their children or grandchildren.

If you own an existing business or are thinking of starting up a new business, contact Tillson Law P.C. for all of your business planning needs.

Business Planning and Administration

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