In Oregon, protective proceedings refer to guardianships and conservatorships.  A guardianship is the court process of taking legal control over a person who is not capable of carrying for him or herself.  Sometimes that person is a minor, who cannot legally make decisions for themselves, or an elderly person who it has been determined is no longer capable of making decisions from him or herself.  

A conservatorship is another Court regulated protective proceeding.  A conservator is appointed when a person is unable to handle his or her finances.  Much like a guardianship, a conservator may be appointed when a minor is awarded money, such as the result of a personal injury award, or when a person is determined to no longer be able to manage his or her finances on their own.  

No matter the situation, Tillson Law P.C. is there to assist you in preparing the necessary paperwork to file with the Court to get your loved one the protection that they need.  Kevin will meet with you to discuss your options and help you to decide the best path for your loved one.  Once the court is involved, we will continue working with you to ensure that the proper paperwork if maintained with the Court for as long as the Court remains involved.  

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