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Tillson Law P.C.

Mortimer (Morty) joined the Tillson household in May 2017.  Morty was found at the Oregon Humane Society, timid, shy, sporting a cone and a shaggy haircut.  We instantly fell in love.  

Morty has adapted to life as law dog.  He happily greets clients, eager to curl up in a lap or lick anyone who will let him.  When he isn't performing his duties as greeter, he is busy managing files (by napping on them) or handling the firms accounts (again by napping on them).  

Outside of the office Morty enjoys a busy social life.  He has a brother (Wally) and six cats to keep him entertained at home and two older human brothers who manage to chase him around the yard.  Morty can frequently be found attending a sporting event for one his human siblings.  He likes anything where there is a chance of a hot dog or hamburger falling onto the ground.  

Morty loves visitors and encourages anyone in the Sandy area to drop in and say hello!

Mortimer (Morty) James Tillson