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Tillson Law P.C.

Walter (Wally) Tillson joined our household and firm in 2017.  Wally came to us via California and is fond of warmer weather, sun spots and the general laid back California lifestyle.  

As the newest addition to the firm, Wally prefers to sit in the background, letting Morty do most of the greeting and office security.  Wally can generally be found in his bed, on top of his desk.  Often times he is forced to share his bed with Morty, which he doesn't always appreciate.  If you are lucky, you may catch him enjoying an afternoon snooze atop of the office couch.  

While Wally loves people, he is often nervous and flustered upon initial greeting.  We often say he likes to be looked at, but not touched.  However, if you bring him a treat-he will be your new best friend.  

Walter (Wally) Jesse Tillson