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Lloyd joined the Tillson household in 2006, when they adopted him from the Multnomah County Animal Shelter.  Lloyd was not immediately drawn to the practice of law.  In his younger years, Lloyd focused primarily on his passion of chasing cats around the house and eating.  He also spent a significant amount of time napping.    

In 2014, Lloyd decided to join Kevin at Tillson Law P.C. Lloyd has found a passion for the law.  He takes his role as office greeter/security seriously, as long as it does not interrupt a nap.  While he provides no legal advice or expertise, Lloyd continues to provide joy and entertainment to visitors in the office. 

Lloyd has four cats at home who torment and tease him.  He also has two parents and two older brothers who manage to drop plenty of extra food to keep Lloyd adequately nourished. 

When he is not at the office, Lloyd can be found snoring in his dog bed, searching for any possible existence of crumbs on the ground, or sleeping in a sun spot.  When Lloyd is in the office, he can be found doing the same things. 

***In January 2017 Lloyd left us to continue his search for the perfect sun spot and the remaining crumbs in heaven.  We miss him dearly but loved every moment we had with him.   

Tillson Law P.C.

​​Lloyd Henry Tillson